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Monday, February 13, 2006

Budapest Diary Notes...

Here are the notes I took during Pete and my trip to Budapest. What a lovely city. Cold but lovely. Really friendly people and lots to see. Recommended.


Airport easy despite long delay on Heathrow Express / Flight not too bumpy / Chatty vicar when we landed. Too chatty / Snow everywhere / Gellert Hotel right in middle of Budapest / oldy worldy charm / River view / Headed for bars via Burger King / Darling Bar / Tranny serving / Downstairs could cut atmosphere with a knife / Upstairs smoke so thick could have knitted it / Action bar / Card system that we were to fall foul of later / Two strippers / 1st big dick no idea how to (pole) dance / Second one who we thought was cute with his clothes on proceeded on stage to wear black thong, tie, cowboy hat and black leg warmers. Oh dear. / Atilla the Hun(k) / Kebabs on way home / Very merry


Breakfast in sumptuous breakfast room / Cute waiter / Walked along river through snow / Across chain bridge / Two hour city tour / All the sites / Parliament / outside St Stephen's Basilica / Hero's Square / Palace / Gellert hill / freezing cold / Turkish baths for 3 hours / Ancient and modern / 4 hour disco nap / Goulash in traditional Hungarian restaurant (Horrid!) / Coxx bar / Industrial, exposed brickwork etc. / beers / Angel club / more beers / Back to Coxx / Turned down going to an after hours party on an island / Kebab


3 hours sleep / Breakfast / Check out / Soviet statue park abort / St Stephen's Basilica inside / Liberty Park / Metro / Octagon / MacDonald's / Chain bridge / Funicular / Fisherman's Bastion / Started journey home by Funicular-tram-bus-airplane-train-tube

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