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Friday, December 30, 2005

King Kong...

Roger and I went to see King Kong last night. A bum numbingly long film - all 3 hours 9 minutes of it. Good fun though but with perhaps rather more dinosaurs (hints of Jurassic Park) and insects (hints of Starship Troupers) than I might have expected of an ape picture. If you like CGI-fests though then it's a goodie. Especially the sequence with the ship running aground (hints of Titantic).

Afterwards we met up with the super sexy Matt, the equally sexy Alistair and Matt's visiting friend Aaron for beers in the Eddie.


  1. "hints of Jurassic Park"? You're not kidding. I've only seen the cinema trailers for King Kong, but they make it look like a Jurassic Park remake. That's not necessarily a criticism, just an observation. I guess I should see it.


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