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Monday, December 26, 2005

Dr Who: Christmas Invasion...

Well, what a great show is was last night. Dr Who: Christmas Invasion was funny, scary and action-packed. I especially loved the mass suicide attempt, the Lion King gag and the slightly post-modern Doctor chat. I think David Tennant will work out very well indeed. I'm really looking forward to the spring when the new season is upon us.


  1. Anonymous1:46 pm

    Liked it very much. It was easy to take to the new Dr. Very easy. Surprisingly easy! :)

  2. Anonymous4:56 pm

    I found it all rather derivative and the look was a bit too much like a cross between Star Wars and Star Trek. And was it just me or did the first 15 minutes seem like we had stumbled into a dreadufl East Enders episode (Rose, a kitchen sink and her mum moaning....)? And Rose's boyfriend's charater is so irritating he should be exterminated immediately and put us all out of our misery. (Note for old Dr Who fans...remember Adric, and the rejoicing when HE died....???)

    The story was a bit yawn-making, the Prime Ministers character was wholly unconvincing and anyone who has seen Star Trek will know the story that this episode was more or less a direct rip-off of.

    But then again it was written by Russell T Davies who is a little short on new ideas as far as writing goes. Its never a good idea to let the same person be Executive Producer AND Head Writer....they get too full of their own "good ideas".

    Sorry, but overall, it was very disappointing.

    Must do better BBC!

  3. I certainly agree with you about Russel T in that his stories are rarely the best and probably only come under the heading "satisfactory". This was one of his best though. I hope the new season has guest writers aplenty (which I believe is does).

  4. Anonymous8:19 pm

    Sympathy for those of us in America waiting for a Region 1 DVD release of the 2005 series!

    And I have to disagree with the post about 'rejoicing' when Adric died- the ending of THAT episode was like jumping into icewater.

    Of course, the fact that Adric was one of my first crushes probably had nothing at all to do with that...

  5. Anonymous4:18 pm

    Even the cast and crew couldnt wait to see the back of Adric (the chararacter was so annoying and the actor was rubbish!) so it seems you are a team of one on that one ;-)

    And why not buy a multi-region DVD player? Everyone here has them! ;-)

  6. Well, a team of two actually. I quite liked him too :-)

    I met him soon after he left Dr Who back stage at an AIDS benefit gig at the Shaw Theatre. He was very sweet.

  7. Anonymous6:36 pm

    Well, overyourhead, it's good to know that there are at least two of us who liked Adric... nicer still to hear that he seems to be a nice guy!

    (I guess there's just no pleasing SOME people, zheesh!)


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