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Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Big Room...

Two blokes overheard on the Victoria Line on 30th December at 11:48pm between Kings Cross and Higbury & Islington:

"What you doing tomorrow night?"
"Liz is going to a gay George Michael-type wedding at 5 then we're out to the pub"
"A gay wedding? On New Year's Eve? You going too?"
"Nah. I`m meeting her later."
"You don`t fancy it?"
"Not that. But New Year`s Eve? Funny time to get married, innit?"

Gay weddings Civil partnerships join the big room.


  1. As George Michael hasn't, to my knowledge, had a wedding, not even a pretend heterosexual one a la Elton John, could you please track these people down again and ask them what they meant? Perhaps all The Gays are just interchangeable in their eyes?

    They're right about NYE being a stupid day for a wedding day though. Why have one day of celebration when you can have two?

  2. Anonymous7:40 pm

    here here ! ps, Im havinga Civil P in June. fab !


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