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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Christmas brain teasers: The answers...

1. Teeth, feet, head, ears and hands.

2. As I say, true story. There was a special deal: buy 10 cards and get 1 (or 2) free. This means that nobody would buy 10 since they may as well take the extra two for the same price. The deal was 50p per card or 12 for £5. So while buying 5, 15 or 20 cards was cheaper than buying 6, 16 or 21, buying 10 was not cheaper than buying 11, or indeed 12!


  1. Anonymous5:08 pm

    Then the "several" that bought 20 need to do their maths a bit better don't you think? Because by the same logic as your answer no-one would buy 20 (20 x 50p = £10 for 20), they would buy 2 x 12 (2 x £5 = £10 for 24). And then they could have sent me one of the spare cards.

  2. Indeed you are right. Perhaps they just couldn't get their heads round it. Or something! :-)


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