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Friday, August 19, 2005

Scissor Sisters At The Forum...

Last night the gorgeous Sarah and I went to a 'secret' Scissor Sisters gig at London's Kentish Town Forum. It was in association with XFm and the charity 21st Century Leaders (something Sarah is involved in). Proceeds were going to the Elton John Foundation and the Joe Strummer Foundation for New Music.

The gig kicked off with the support act - those two old karaoke lushes, Bananarama. The crowd was so pumped they positively erupted to the likes of I Heard A Rumour, Robert De Niro's Waiting, Move In My Direction, Love In The First Degree and, of course, Venus. Some old queens (i.e. me) still remembered all the dance moves. Well, we had done it on stage at the Black Cap years ago.

When finally the Scissor Sisters came on everyone was already on their feet, the temperature was rising and we were ready to party.

It was a great set.

Naturally we were treated to almost the entire first album including: Laura, Take Your Mama, Comfortably Numb, Mary, Tits On The Radio, Filthy/Gorgeous, Music Is The Victim, and of course the seminal Return To Oz.

As expected, the band also previewed some material from their forthcoming second album and it all sounded fine. Hard to judge when you're at a big gig but essentially it was more of the same i.e. good songs plain and simple. "Shut the door, close the blinds, we're going for a ride." Very Elton John. Very 70s. Very good. You may have heard one at Live8.

Dance? I thought we'd never stop. Only we did occasionally as Sarah is pregnant with triplets. I'm sure they will all be SS fans when they're old.

Jake was wearing what I can only describe as spray-on shiney trousers. Nothing was left to the imagination. He was very proud of them though. "My Dad made me these!", he gushed. Bless.

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