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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Goldfrapp Secret Warm-Up Gig...

Last night Paul, Simon and I went to see the wonderful Goldfrapp (check out their fabby new web site) do a 'secret' warm-up gig for their upcoming tour in The Junction in Cambridge.

It was fairly quick to get up there (54 mins on the train from Kings Cross) and the venue itself was new, very well organised and had good lines of sight. Despite, or perhaps because of that, we three stood at the back. We wanted to be near the bar. Natch.

The support act were The Shortwave Set who were OK-ish. A little bit Kirsty, a little bit odd ball. Pleasant enough though. But it was Alison and Will we were here to see. And when they arrived they did not disappoint.

The stage went dark, the music started thumping, the lights exploded into life and there she was; decked in a head-scarf, 70's Abbaesque flares, hair 'til Tuesday and platforms like stilts. The lighting was suddenly blinding. The sound became teeth-shatteringly loud. Goldfrapp had arrived. Think T Rex. Think The Glitter Band. Think Glam Rock.

We were treated to a seventy-five minute set of eye-popping, ear-splitting, mind-blowing versions of Utopia, Train, Strict Machine, Lovely Head, all the hits and more. And we loved it. Couldn't stop smiling. Not enough of the new stuff though - just the new single Ooh La La (get it in the shops now, kids!), No. 1 and Lovely 2 C U. Can't wait to hear more.

As a footnote I have to add that the backing band were great too. The chemistry between them and Alison was really good. I'm really looking forward to seeing them do it all over again in October at the Brixton Academy.

Glam is definitely back.

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