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Tuesday, August 23, 2005


On Friday Roger, Kevin and I went to Blackpool for the weekend. It was Kevin's birthday last week and I was joining in on their annual pilgrimage to see the Funny Girls show.

Now Blackpool is quite a long way from London. Well, it takes a long time to get there what with changing at Preston. So we occupied ourselves on the train by drinking beer and reading. When we eventually arrived we didn't stay at Trades Hotel (surprising how many people warned me against that - paper thin walls, door-handles that rattle at night) but at the Belvedere Hotel run by the charming Linda and Sandra. The rooms were clean and airy, the breakfast large and the conversation chatty.

On the Friday night we were joined by the super sexy Spencer and Paul as we hit the town starting at Mardi Gras and ending up at the a bar above Funny Girls.

The following morning we were up at the crack of fanny and off to the front. We did all the piers and ended up getting drenched on the Valhalla ride at the Pleasure Beach. Great fun.

In the evening we met up with Bill, Spencer and Paul again and did Funny Girls proper. Funny Girls is an impressive drag show (all miming) with lots of high-kicks, cherries and feathers. It lasted for about 3 hours with lots of breaks ably filled by DJ Zoe's witty musings. The boys were all regulars and seemed less than impressed by what we saw; "you should have seen the Sound Of Music one - it was fabulous!" But I was pleased with what we'd seen. Not exactly Dame Edna but good all the same.

On the Sunday we did some more pier-walking and stocked up on Blackpool rock before the six (yes, six!) hour journey home.

A fun weekend. Thanks, guys.

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