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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Jamie Kane...

Tragedy! Jamie Kane, who shot to fame as one third of boyband Boy*d Upp and went on to solo fame when the band disintegrated, is dead! Killed in a helicopter accident. Or is he?

Except Jamie Kane isn't real at all - he's the star of a new interactive online game launched by the BBC. The idea is that you sign up and get e-mails that encourage you to trawl the interwebnet trying to unravel the mystery of Jamie's death. The attention to detail is incredible and the depth of the game is just out of this world. It's also great fun.

It's aimed primarily at girls aged 14 years to 18 years (or so they say) which probably explains why David and I are enjoying it so much.

It cost the BBC £250,000 and the money is all up there on the (computer) screen:
Jamie Kane the online game
Jamie Kane the fake web site
Jamie Kane Fake Locations in the Far East and the Middle East
Jamie Kane Fake Biographies
Jamie Kane Fake TV interviews
Jamie Kane Fake Radio interviews
Jamie Kane Fake award ceremonies
to name but a few.

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