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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Sitges Bulletin 2...

It´s my last day in Sitges and I intend to make full use of it. So I´m off to the beach to over do it and perhaps pick up that sunburn I´ve managed to so skillfully avoid thus far.

Sitges has been fun this time around. Why? Well, it´s been great spending more time with Simon. I do like Simon and he is a funny guy. It´s also been nice to get to know Jeremy that much better (and boy did we had lots to talk about!) I guess I´m beginning to feel better about life in general too which is something I´m pleased about. The sun does that I suppose - make life seem that much brighter.

It´s also been great getting to know Pete and Craig too. And Matthew and Richard, of course. I´d not really spent much time with them before this trip. Not forgetting other partners in crime: David, Roberto, Pano, Ian, Andy, Kevin, Alistair, Tomas, Stefan, Gary, Paul, Gary no 2, Jonathan, Fabio, John, Ray, Paul no 2, Simon, Nick, Mark (I could go on...)

Viva Espana.

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