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Monday, June 13, 2005

My Weekend...

I had a nice little weekend. The Morrissey bash on Friday was great fun - highlights were loads of gladioli hanging from the ceiling, Justin Bond singing I Know It's Over and finding out that Panic was written in response to DJ Steve Wright playing I'm Your Man immediately after a news report of the Chernobyl disaster. What more could one want? Fun and informative.

On Saturday it was my nephew Angus's annual birthday BBQ. Simon and Dawn were in fine form and it was great to see all the family as ever. Afterwards I popped over to see Jo and Martin's new extension and came away the proud possessor of four freshly laid hen and bantam eggs that I had for breakfast Sunday - Mmmm, delicious!

Sunday afternoon I popped in to see the gorgeous David's new gaff in South Lambeth Road and then on to a little soiree hosted by the super-sexy Darren and Jim. It was all very nice and very civilized - well, initially anyway! Nice to catch up with Rachel too.

I rounded off the evening with a trip to Horse Meat Disco and caught up with the ever-lovely (and could that be freshly gym-buffed?) David and Roberto and listen with some intrigue to Ian's latest shenanigans.

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