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Monday, June 20, 2005

My Hot Weekend...

It was 32 degrees in London but that didn't seem to slow me down.

Saturday was Matthew and Richard's London Partnership Registration and reception at the Grange Hotel Holborn - 400 guests were fed and watered everyone seemed to enjoy themselves immensely. Well done, boys!

Mid-evening Stuart and I headed off to Martin's 40th party at Vic Naylor's Bar in St John's Street. Martin's ex, Paul, had prepared an amazing array of puzzles, toys, games and events all based on Martin's life. Everyone came in fancy dress too. Great fun. Especially the giant swan. He seemed to like my present too.

On Sunday Drew moved in and we took loads of stuff to the dump to clear the decks and Martin popped over to tell me how much he liked his present but wasn't sure how to plug it in. Oops.

Sunday night we went to see Ellen Greene...

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