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Friday, June 10, 2005

Brian Eno: Another Day On Earth...

Brian Eno's new album is out June 13th. Yay! Gotta love the man who brought us ambinet music and worked with Talking Heads, U2 and James.
Eno's song-writing, his typically concise analysis of the problems that most song-writers face, and the methods he employs to solve these problems reveal the unique nature of his approach to this particular art: 'Song-writing is now actually the most difficult challenge in music. It's very easy to make music now but lyrics are really the last very hard problem in music. What I think lyrics have to do is engage a certain part of your brain in a sort of search activity so your brain wants to say 'here are some provocative clues as to what this song might be about'. They don't have to be explicit... in fact for me they certainly shouldn't be explicit'.
And here's the track listing:
1 This 3:33
2 And Then So Clear 5:49
3 A Long Way Down 2:40
4 Going Unconscious 4:22
5 Caught Between 4:25
6 Passing Over 4:25
7 How Many Worlds 4:47
8 Bottomliners 3:59
9 Just Another Day 4:21
10 Under 5:19
11 Bone Bomb 3:09

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