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Friday, June 17, 2005

Death Of A Salesman...

Drew treated Emma, James and myself to a night at the theatre last night. That's Theatre with a capital T, darling. He took us to see Arthur Miller's Death Of A Salesman at the Lyric Theatre in London glitzy West End.

Death of a Salesman is one of Miller's most famous plays and won the Pulitzer Prize in 1949. Willy Loman is an aging salesman who has worked hard throughout his career, but all his aspirations for himself and his family seem to have failed. He begins to lose his grip on reality leading to tragedy.

Great production and moving performances (especially by the fabulous Brian Dennehy as Willy, Claire Higgins as the wife and rather excellent Douglas Henshall as golden-boy Biff).

It's a long play - three hours - but quite gripping. Shame the theatre was so hot though.

An unintentionally funny moment was in the last dying (literally) moments of the play as Willy's wife finally breaks down and weeps over Willy's grave after he has committed suicide. "We're free. Free. We're Free Willy. Free". Fnah. We had a whale of a time.

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