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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Justin Bond And The Freudian Slippers...

Paul, Drew, Marcus and I went to see the marvelous Justin Bond with his backing band The Freudian Slippers at the Soho Theatre last night. Partial thanks must go to Favourpill for some free tickets.

Justin (the Kiki of Kiki and Herb) is an amazing vocalist - calling him distinctive doesn't really do him justice. His impressive range, his throaty "I've been chain-smoking since the tender age of two" rasp and his sheer power of projection is enough to keep any audience transfixed.

As is his trademark he managed to weave random stories into his singing that both shocked and tickled in equal measure: Salome wants to be baptised in John The Baptist's blood and cum, Justin's dress is from a hippy Goat Shop, only the committed really know the meaning of the word commitment. We were taken on a journey back to the sixties, to free love, on to prostitution, to drug use and despair. We were shown glamour and squalor. Torch and chintz.

The set started with the Sex Pistols' Anarchy In The UK and moved from jazz, folk and tranny pop through to Joy Division's Heart & Soul and finally a Bossa Nova of Shannon's Let The Music Play "We started dancing and love put us into a groove, as soon as we started to move." the virtually full house was transfixed thorughout. A triumph.

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