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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I Put A Spell On You...

I love the Belgians. Why? Because they have a cunning misspelt ID card plan. The new Belgian electronic ID card contains typos introduced purposely to confound potential fraudsters. To trick fraudsters, the Belgian Government has introduced three circular arcs on the card - just beneath the identity photos - where you will find the name of the country in the official languages spoken in Belgium - French, Dutch and German, as well as in English. But instead of 'Belgien' in German, the ID card incorrectly uses the name 'Belgine' and instead of 'Belgium' in English, the card reads 'Belguim'. Apparently other errors will be printed on the card to "further confuse fraudsters". With any luck, these will not be revealed. Yay! Mis-smellers of the world untie!

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