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Monday, February 21, 2005

Melbourne - A bit of a blur...

Well, we are now in Oz. After what seemed like three days traveling - which was in fact three days traveling - we finally arrived. Thank God for that diazipam my GP prescribed me; a God-send for nervous flyers like me! The next few days were a bit of a blur. We had a bit of a reception waiting for us as Rich was throwing a house-warming party soiree which acted as a perfect way to be introduced to a bunch of the local boys (Hello Pete, Steve, Brett, Jason, David, Jonno, Wayne, Russ, Rich, Davie, Aaron, Sue, Lynn, Anthony #1, Anthony #2). Needless to say the evening turned into the night (Phoenix), the night to the morning (Midnight Shift and Manacle) and still we were partying. Home to shower and change and then straight off to a big outdoor fair for the day (a bit like Brighton Pride) before heading to new friend Brett's place and then back to the Midnight Shift for more beers and then on to Manacle again and then finishing off the night and a big chunk of the next morning at the Arq (for more wildness and podium dancing). Phew! This morning we somehow managed to get ourselves up, out of the hotel and to the airport. We are now in Melbourne getting ready to go meet Andy and Tim for more beers.

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