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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Harbour Party…
We had a very relaxing morning pottering about doing washing and domestic stuff before stocking up with drinks and nibbles: in the afternoon Graham, Guy, Neil, Brett, Pete, Mark and Steve came over for pre-Harbour Party drinks. The Harbour Party (or Azure ‘05 as it was now known) is a big open air dance party down by the water’s edge with a magnificent view of the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. The place was packed when we arrived a little after 5-30pm, the music was jumping, the beer was suitably cold and the toilets had ridiculously long queues - a normal outdoor event, then. We bumped into half of London on the dance floor. Amongst the throbbing melee were Andy & Kevin, Guy & Neil, Andy & Tim, Andy & Michael, Stuart, Pete, David, David & Stuart, Mark, Lynda & Sue, Graham, Hanes (OMG! HANES!), Colin, Steve, Brett, Phil, Tim & Ross, Frank, Hobart, and hundreds of others whose faces I recognised but couldn’t put a name to.

By midnight it was all over bar the shouting so a bunch of us hot-footed it back into town to The Midnight Shift and danced the rest of the night away there - like loons mostly. By 6am I was all danced out and sloped off home to bed.

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