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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Bedding In…
Now safely in Sydney the fun started in earnest.

Saturday afternoon we met up with Graham and went for a drink at The Oxford – before long we were joined by Andy & Kevin and Andy & Tim and Andy & Michael and Stuart and Pete. The sun was shining, the beers were flowing and we were all catching up with our tales of jet-lag, accommodation woes and pre-Sydney adventures. It was nice to see the gang and touch base before the madness started.

After a brief disco-nap we started our Saturday night proper with eats and a bit of bar crawling, mainly between The Colombian and The Oxford (again). Later on (eleven or so) we went to Manacle, which was rammed. There we saw all the usual gang, in addition to David & Stuart, Frank, Phil and Mark. They had two shows on at Manacle – the first being four muscle-Marys covering Gang Of Four’s “I Love A Man In A Uniform” and the second being some dire cover of an almost unrecognisable Depeche Mode song (Master and Servant? Enjoy The Silence? It was hard to tell). We all got fantastically tiddly on the local brews Victoria Bitter (a.k.a. VB) and Toohey’s New (a.k.a. NEW).

By 2am Marky was feeling a bit tired so headed off home. Pete, his friend Mark and I had other idea though and went to The Midnight Shift for a spot of stage and podium dancing. We wowed the crowd (as in “wow, those boys on the podium are very drunk and can’t dance for toffee”).We had a lot of fun though. Home by 4am.

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