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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Return To Oz...
We're off to Oz & NZ this Thursday for almost a month. We're going for Mardi Gras in Sydney, a driving trip through New Zealand's north island and a trip to Melbourne to experience the real Kath and Kim.

As a way of prepping for our Melbourne leg of the trip we've been brushing up on our Kath & Kim lingo by learning some choice phrases.

You off sex? I'm not exactly Kalm & Sutra myself.

We're on Dr Kobots No Carbohydrate Diet.

Kim: Where were you last night?
Sharon: I was at Mark's all night.
Kim: What were you doing?
Sharon: Doing the usual - sitting in my car & going through his rubbish.

I've got the body and I've got the smarts. Like Rachael Hunter, I'm a foxy moron.

I had them eating putty out of my hands.

That's your pacific skill base.

It's common. It's nice, it's unusual, it's common.

Trip the light fandango.

It wasn't a waste of money, it was an expensive learning curve.

Rack off lamb.

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