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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Telewest PVR...
Yay! Telewest have announced their PVR - it's going to be a Scientific Atlanta super-duper one called an Explorer 8300 DVB.

The even better news is that the Explorer 8300 features three tuners. This will allow you to record three (yes, read it and weep Sky+, three!) programmes at the same time, or to record two programmes while watching a third live. The box also includes two video decoders, allowing you to watch a channel while archiving a previously recorded programmes to, for example, an externally-connected VCR or DVD recorder via scart (which is good enough).

Most interestingly, the boxes will be capable of decoding and displaying high definition television, although there has been no word as yet as to when Telewest will begin carrying high definition content.

Due second half of 2005. Neat.

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