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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Kath & Kim Central...
Melbourne IS Kath & Kim central. Everyone looks, acts & talks like them - in the street, on the tram, in restaurants. Every street corner seems to have a Sharon. I can't stop laughing. Mark has to keep shooshing me. We even met a real-life Prew & Trew in a department store yesterday - short grey haircuts, haughty manners and accents to cut steel. Everthing was graysh and goosh.

We did the Colonial Restaurant Tram dinner last night and sat next to Kel & Brett lookilikies. We were even chased by a cab with latecomers. Spooky. Our waiter said he was actually in that episode as a passenger! Unless of course he was just trying to impress us - which I find hard to believe. But then I am gullible to steely blue eyes and a winning smile.

Oh, did I mention it's 33 degrees here.

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