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Monday, August 28, 2023

Trinity Reunion…

I left Trinity College, Cambridge 39 years ago. And have met up with few of my fellow college since then. Life, and few broken hearts, got in the way. 

Happily Sarah corrected this gross omission on my part by arranging a Cambridge Friends Late Summer lunch at her place in Winchester. 

All the old gang were there; Sarah, John, Stuart, Bernard, Caroline, Matt, Dave, and Helen. Plus everyone’s partners. 

Great food, great company, loads (and loads) to catch up on. 

I helped jog a few rusty memories with a few hundred photos I’d recently had digitised too. 

We laughed. A lot. 

It was utterly delightful and utterly overwhelming. I was quite overcome. 

As we walked away five hours later to get our train back to London I had to hold back the tears. 

Thank you Sarah. @foxworld 

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