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Wednesday, August 09, 2023

Arsenal Supporters' Trust 20th Anniversary Event @ Emirates Stadium...

So I approached Vinai Venkatesham, CEO Arsenal last night at the AST Event.

Shaking his hand enthusiastically I said, “Hello, my name is Jonathan”.

“Oh, I know who you are”, replied VV with a smirk. 

Oh God! 😂

@arsenal #reputationproceedsme 

When asked the question, “which team was your favourite? Arsenal or Man City?” Bacary Sagna replied with a big smile, “Once a Gooner, always a Gooner” ⚽️🔴⚪️

You heard it here first.

@arsenal ⁦‪@Sagnaofficial‬⁩ 

City who? 😂

Great to meet ex-player Nigel “Nutty” Winterburn at the AST event last night too. 

He said he loved Arsenal so much that he’d come back and do any job for them. Anything. Even mow the grass! 🙂

Well, since you offered Nutty… 😅

@arsenal #nigelwinterburn #gunners #wearethearsenal

The fantastic Roman Kemp was hosting the AST event at the Emirates Stadium last night. Very funny. 

Great to meet you Roman. 

What a thoroughly decent bloke. I wonder who his Dad is? 😅

@romankemp @arsenal @gaygooners #gunners #wearethearsenal 

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