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Friday, August 04, 2023

Scream Queer Murder @ Kings Head Theatre…

Last night Elliot and I went to see short play Scream Queer Murder at the Kings Head Theatre. 

Sadly, it wasn’t short enough. 

Lovely to see Elliot. 
Lovely to see the Kings Head Theatre before it closes (soon to be relocated a few metres away). 
Less lovely to see the play. 

It was toe-curlingly awful. Lots of eye-rolling from the few people there. By the end people were sniggering at it. In the bar afterwards people were hanging around just to compare notes on how bad it was. 

Shame really, as the set up was great. It’s just the delivery was so dreadful. 

“It is 1953 and two queer men are inside the head of a famous murder mystery author waiting to be written in to her latest novel. Excitement turns to suspicion and fear when the penny drops that one of them must kill the other. In desperation they turn to their own language - the queer language of Polari - to turn the tables on the author.” ✍️ 

Sadly it was just nanti bona, cod and naff. 

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