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Friday, August 18, 2023

A Mirror @ Almeida Theatre…

"This performance is being staged without a licence from the Ministry. We recognise the risk that each and every one of you is taking by attending, and we salute your courage."
Last night, Stuart and I went to see the world premiere of Sam Holcroft's new play A Mirror at the Almeida Theatre in London glitzy Islington.
And what an amazing play it is. Well I say 'play', it’s a play within a play within a play. Or is it?
The action starts with a wedding in a police state. Eyes and ears are everywhere. We, the audience, are complicit.
But soon everything is turned on its head and is everything we are seeing what we think we’re seeing?
Indeed, there are loads of twists and turns throughout the non-stop two-hour running time. But that time just flew by.
It was funny, clever, sexy, thought-provoking, and a lot of fun. 
The issues of censorship, artistic expression, authorship, free-speech and suspension of disbelief were all delightfully explored.
Directed by Jeremy Herrin, the three stars are Jonny Lee Miller (him off of Trainspotting), Tanya Reynolds (her off of Sex Education) and Micheal Ward (him off of Top Boy).
Only on for a month, but if you can get a ticket. Go.


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