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Thursday, August 17, 2023

The State Apartments of the Speaker's House…

Earlier today Stuart and I went on a tour of The State Apartments of the Speaker's House at the Houses of Parliament in London glitzy Westminster.   

Lots of bling, lots of history, and some magnificent artworks on display including a unique set of 46 portraits of Speakers through the years, it was a tour worth doing. 

The role of the Speaker has existed since at least 1377 and has a long history of evolving responsibilities and traditions. The Speaker’s role today is to chair debates in the House of Commons Chamber, but he also represents the House of Commons on a national and international level.  

No cameras were allowed inside the house (haha, as if that would stop me) - there were lots of impressive rooms; the Grand Staircase, the Speakers Study, the Crimson Drawing Room, the State Dining Room, and the State Bedroom.  

Back in Westminster Hall the Speaker’s big old golden State Coach was as on display too. Nice. 

Worth the £20 entrance fee. 

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