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Thursday, March 23, 2023

St Mary's Church, Islington "a great tour" "incredible 120-step high bell tower that commands amazing views of London"... @islingtonwalks

Last Saturday afternoon Stuart and I went to, entered in, had a tour of, and most excitingly went up St Mary's Church in London's glitzy Islington.
The tour was organised by Islington Guided Walks and was very informative. 
St Mary's Church, Islington, or to give it it's full title "The Church of St Mary the Virgin", has been on the same site for a thousand years. In fact, there are been five churches on this site in total. As the centuries have come and gone the first church was been replaced (12th-century Norman church), left to ruin and rebuilt (15th-century medieval), expanded and rebuilt again (18th century), and finally during the 1940 Blitz bombed (the first London church to be so) and rebuilt once again in 1956.
The current church is big, light and airy but, I have to say, a little bland inside. But it boasts an incredible 120-step high bell tower that commands amazing bird's-eye views of London.
Alexandra Palace antenna to Crystal Palace antenna
The City
The London Eye
The Houses of Parliament
The Emirates Stadium
Hampstead Heath
The Shard
Centre Point
Canary Wharf
...to name but a few.
Great tour, and the tower is well worth a visit.

Oh, and one of the pews was a gift from The Arsenal Football Club in 1956!

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