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Wednesday, March 01, 2023

Day 12 : Costa Rica and Panama…

Today we took an early morning stroll around our cabin. This time with a guide to help us spot (and identify) some of the multitude of fauna and wildlife. There us so much of it we couldn’t really tell our grasses from our abuelos. 

Our guide, Carlos, does a good range in bird and frog calls. So we perhaps saw more animals than we might have by ourselves.  Clever Carlos. 

Here are some we saw in an hours walk:
Red-headed woodpecker 🐦 
Red-crowned woodpecker 🐦 
Golden-naped woodpecker 🐦 
Red-legged honey creeper 🐦 
Masked tityra 🐦 
Yellow-throated toucan 🦜 
Red-lored parrot 🦜 
Streaked flycatcher 🐦 
Yellow-crowned euphonia 🐦 
Kill bill toucan 🦜 
White-collared pecarry 🐷 
Bear-throated tiger heron 🐦 
Palm tanager 🐦 
Pileated woodpecker 🐦 
Three-toed sloth πŸ¦₯ (and baby!)
White-necked Jacobin hummingbird 🐦 
Black and green poison dart frog 🐸 
White-faced monkey πŸ™‰ (and baby!)
Stripe-throated hermit hummingbird 🐦 
Grey-headed tanager 🐦 
White-lined tanager 🐦 

The stand-out was of course the cute sloth with hugging baby. Complete with smiles. 

The afternoon we spent resting and reading. Another great day. 

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