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Thursday, March 02, 2023

Day 13 : Costa Rica and Panama…

Last day in Costa Rica. So we thought we’d take a hike. Through the forest we went, hoping to get down to the beach. It was a long trek through the undergrowth with lots of steep inclines, roots to navigate, a couple of creeks to forge, and wildlife to either spot or avoid depending on its danger rating. 

Once we hit the coast it was simply paradise; surf, palm trees, and sandy beach. We took a dip in the ocean (warm and salty) and then headed for a nearby small bar we had spotted catering for adventurous surfers and trek walkers alike. 

As luck would have it a guy who worked at our lodge as at the bar too. So we hitched a ride back with him up the peninsula to our lodge in time for lunch. 

The afternoon was spent soaking up the sun and the beautiful environment one last time before packing. 

Tomorrow we have an early start; we head back up to San Jose on an itty bitty 12-seater airplane from the local airfield then hop down on a commercial flight to Panama. 

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