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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Beyond The Streets London: A celebration of graffiti and street art... "we loved it. Especially the pop-up record store." @saatchi_gallery

On Sunday lunchtime Joanna, Stuart and I went to the Saatchi Gallery in London's glitzy Chelsea to view the Beyond The Streets London exhibition.
A hugely ambitious undertaking, curated and founded by graffiti historian Roger Gastman, the exhibition attempts to highlight a vast range of artists with roots in graffiti and street art - some of whose work has evolved into highly disciplined studio practices. At its core it examines the fundamental human need for public self-expression - whether it was in 1960s Philadelphia where Cornbread’s tags invented modern graffiti, at the birth of hip hop in the Bronx in 1973, or in the 1970s punk movement.
Each of the exhibition’s chapters explore exceptional moments in the history of this artistic movement and how street culture’s enduring strong influence still resonates throughout pop culture, music, fine art, album covers, flyers, ads, graphic designs, fashion, and film.
Hundreds of artists are featured. Including Fab 5 Freddy, DAZE, Stickymonger, Broken Fingaz, Beastie Boys, Blondie, ZEPHYR, Keith Haring and Guerrilla Girls to name but a few.
The irony that street art takes place on the streets and not in an art gallery was not lost on us either. The commercialisation of street art is clear for all to see. The exhibition is sponsored by Adidas after all. Exit through the gift shop.
That said, we loved it. Especially the pop-up record store.

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