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Wednesday, February 09, 2022

An Evening Without Kate Bush @ Soho Theatre...

Last night I went to see cabaret star Sarah-Louise Young perform her tribute to Kate Bush at the Soho Theatre in London's glitzy West End.

Developed alongside Russell Lucas, An Evening Without Kate Bush is just over an hour long but boy did it pack a lot in. Wow. It was fab.

Ms Young has an amazing voice, is obviously a super-fan, and knows how to gently find the humour in La Bush's work and in her fellow fans. We laughed, we sang, and we laughed some more.

We heard about fifteen or so KB songs - some just as KB would perform them, some as clever reworkings. There was some funny stage craft pointing out KB's "five signature dance moves", the props were fab, and the costumes and wigs all playing their part. 

First, she was herself as a school girl performing at assembly, then as a cleaner sweeping up the confetti from the stage at Hammersmith Apollo gigs, and then reading out YouTube comments verbatim from beneath KB videos.  

We were schooled in the correct pronunciation of 'Babooshka'. We were asked to name our favourite KB song (I had to explain what One Last Look Around the House Before We Go was about). We were encouraged to join in with some communal singing and, yes, muggins here with the trio as my table were all hauled up on stage to sing backing vocals to Cloudbusting.

The songs were, if I remember correctly:-

And Dream of Sheep
Hounds of Love
Babooshka (in Russian!)
The Man with the Child in His Eyes
James and the Cold Gun
Rubberband Girl
Moments of Pleasure
Under the Ivy
Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God)
Don't Give Up
Army Dreamers
This Woman's Work
Wuthering Heights

Here's the promo clip

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