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Friday, August 02, 2019

Closer to Heaven @ Above the Stag...

Last night Stuart and I went to see musical Closer to Heaven at the 100-seat Above the Stag theatre in London's glitzy Vauxhall.

Premiered in May 2001 at the Arts Theatre in the West End, Closer to Heaven was written by Jonathan Harvey and Pet Shop Boys. We love the music, so knew we'd enjoy the show.

And we did. The acting was fine, the singing spirited, the dancing energetic, the script funny, and the night entertaining.

Billie Trix was played by the wonderful Adèle Anderson (taking a break from Fascinating Aida), Straight Dave by Blake Patrick Anderson, Shell Christian by Maddy Banks, Mile End Lee by Mikulas Urbanek, Vic Christian by Christopher Howell, Bob Saunders by Ian Hallard, Flynn by Aidan Harkins, and Billie's Babes by Rhys Harding, Billie Hardy, Matthew Ives, and Hollie Smith-Nelson.

Directed by Steven Dexter, the show included Vocal as the closing song, and instead featured Positive Role Model as an instrumental for Straight Dave's dance routine. Another slight change was a new version of Something Special with altered lyrics written by Neil Tennant, sung by Mile End Lee's character.

The revised set-list was:-
My Night - Billie Trix & Cast
Closer to Heaven - Shell & Vic
Something Special - Mile End Lee
Positive Role Model (instrumental)
Closer to Heaven - Shell & Dave
In Denial - Vic & Shell
Call Me Old Fashioned - Bob Saunders
Nine Out of Ten - Shell & Straight Dave
It's Just My Little Tribute to Caligula, Darling! - Billie Trix (featured in rehearsal scene)
Hedonism (instrumental)
Friendly Fire - Billie Trix
In Denial - Straight Dave & Shell
Something' Special (reprise) - Straight Dave
Shameless - Vile Celebrities
Vampires - Vic
Closer to Heaven - Straight Dave & Mile End Lee
Out of my System - Shell with Billie Trix, Flynn & ensemble
K-Hole (instrumental - featuring an excerpt of Run, girl, run! - Billie Trix)
For All of Us - Straight Dave
Closer to Heaven - Straight Dave
Vocal - Straight Dave
My Night - The Cast

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