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Friday, September 29, 2017

Young Frankenstein #YoungFrankenstein @youngfrankldn ...

Last night Stuart and I went to the London premiere of Mel Brooks's new musical Young Frankenstein at the Garrick Theatre in London's glitzy West End.

Mel Brooks has spent the past year in the laboratory repairing his 2007 Broadway flop Young Frankenstein and to be fair has largely succeeded.

It's very silly. Puerile even. But then that's what we love about Mel Brooks. Lots of cheap laughs. But laugh we did. It's no Producers though, nor Book of Mormon. Actually it's a bit like panto really. The songs aren't particularly memorable either which for a musical is a bit of a handicap. Some of the comic timing was a bit off last night but I think that will improve during the run as they get into the rhythm of it.

Ross Noble is a very good physical Igor and Lesley Joseph is a funny German lied singing Frau Brucker.

People will come if they like the original film I suspect (as we did) but it's not got quite the same sense of timing of that gem of a movie.

I can't see it having a particularly long run in the West End to be honest but you never know, sometimes these shows find an audience beyond people who like the film. And it's bound to tour.

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  1. Patricia Rodriguez3:28 pm

    This is my favourite story of all times! I've written one of my best essays about the life and fate of Frankenstein. It is a unique story.


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