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Thursday, September 14, 2017

George Michael ‎– Listen Without Prejudice Vol.2... @GeorgeMichael #ListenWithoutPrejudiceVol2 ...

 As Sony gears up for the reissue of George Michael's Listen Without Prejudice Vol.1 some of you may not be aware of the follow up that George Michael had planned before he fell out with Sony appropriated entitled Listen Without Prejudice Vol.2

The album was never released although much of it found its way into other projects.

The Vol. 2 album was intended to be a dance-oriented follow-up to the more sober-toned Vol. 1. But as I say it never materialised due to Michael's contract disputes with Sony. But he'd been working on it before he abandoned the project, so there were a number of tracks either in progress or already completed. Three of the tracks ("Too Funky," "Do You Really Want to Know," and "Happy") were released on Red Hot + Dance. "Too Funky," was also released as a single, with "Crazyman Dance" as the b-side. On Bonus Disc was the unreleased single "Ain't No Stopping Us Now" in four versions.

Title: Listen Without Prejudice Vol.2
Artist: George Michael
Label: Not On Label (George Michael)
Format: 2 × CDr, Unofficial Release, Stereo
Released (planned): 1991
Genre: Pop

01 Too Funky 3:48
02 Disco 3:52
03 Happy 4:04
04 So Damn Hard 5:23
05 Do You Really Want To Know 4:47
06 CrazyManDance 5:55
07 Piece 6:31
08 Lonely Nights 2:25
09 Fantasy 5:01
10 Killer 5:01
11 You Spin Me Round 3:22
12 Thank You 4:21
13 Disco (Instrumental) 3:44
14 Piece (demo) 6:22
15 Waiting For A Heart (demo) 4:33
16 CrazyManDance (demo) 3:06
17 Disco (demo) 2:53
18 Lonely Nights (demo) 2:12
19 Too Funky Happy (demo) 3:07

Bonus Disc Ain't No Stopping Us Now
1 Single Mix 4:38
2 12" Remix 7:38
3 Unreleased Mix 5:50
4 Live 5:39


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  2. Hi, I know it's been 4 years since this was posted, but i was wondering if you have a link to download this unreleased album?

    1. Anonymous6:56 am

      Hello Tomás. I saw this page when I was researching Listen Without Prejudice Vol.2 and noticed that you were looking to buy this album.
      So as a message to you and others, you might want to keep in touch because I will be selling multiple of my LWP Vol.2 cds on eBay soon (no link yet).
      Hopefully this was helpfull - 30/9/2022

  3. Anonymous11:54 pm

    do you have the link now please, you can contact or link or something ill be checking back here


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