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Monday, September 18, 2017

@ChelseaFC 0 - 0 @Arsenal @ChelseaPride @GayGooners ...

Last Sunday afternoon was a fun day out with the Gay Gooners at Stamford Bridge watching the mighty Arsenal take on the some might say equally mighty Chelsea. I'd not been to Stamford Bridge to watch a game in a very long time and it was a really nice experience - the soon to be demolished 43,000 seat stadium had that old world feel to it c.f. Highbury, the game was lively and fun, we played quite well (for a change), and we away fans were in good spirits and even better voice.

We also got to meet up with the Chelsea Pride group afterwards too which was lovely. We went for a drink or three, had a good exchange of information on how our respective groups are run, and of course there was a bit of banter too.

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