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Tuesday, March 15, 2016


On Saturday morning Stuart and I took the short train journey from Copenhagen to Malmö to stay with Bryn and Andrew. The guys live in the Turning Torso which is an amazing building and the tallest in Scandinavia.

We were treated like kings - waited on hand and foot which was lovely. Not long after we arrived we took the bus into Malmö centre to visit a museum including a photo show of Swedish Dads. After that we walked around historic Malmö and visited one of the famous coffee shops for cake.

In the evening we were treated to dinner at Bastard - a rather lovely restaurant in downtown Malmö. Stuart was all for nicking one of the napkins but we managed to restrain him.

On the Sunday we were treated to a full English breakfast followed by a walk around the sea front and the beach. It's such a lovely little place. We even ventured out to the sea spa but resisted a dip.

A lovely long weekend away.

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