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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Business Trip...

Just back from a four day business trip to the Middle East. Lots of meetings and I gave a presentation. Joke went down like lead balloon. Tough crowd

I put "we must all learn to laugh at ourselves" into Google Translate but the Arabic that came out met with a hushed silence in the presentation room. Later I was told that the words I had written on the screen roughly said "so, you all think you are funny?". Oops. Think I won them over in the end though.

On the final day of the trip I attended a full day of meetings, back to the hotel to pack, headed for Dammam airport, flew to Bahrain, then connecting (turbulent, no-sleep) flight to Heathrow and then straight into the office. A 15 hour commute back into the office!

#norestforthewicked #redeye

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