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Monday, July 13, 2009


It's been an amazing stay here in the land of the midnight sun. Everybody has been so kind.

Not least Sasi who has not only leant us his car to travel around, given us his advice and help at every turn but also intoduced us to his lovely friends who have welcomed us with outstretched arms.

In particular there was Petur who has cooked for us, driven us to many an Icelandic beauty spot (nice Land-Rover Sport by the way) and lent us everything from fleeces to swimming keks. What a star. Our camping trip on Saturday night deserves particular mention. Sasi, Petur, Stu and I drove into the remote but stunning Icelandic landscape to meet up with about one hundred other people to celebrate JonThaw's (spelling?) birthday. We pitched out voluminous tent, we barbecued, we drank, we built a massive bonfire and we sang songs. Oh and we laughed. All night. It was quite magical. I will never forget it. We felt like we belonged.

Sure Iceland has a lot to offer the visitor; mountains, rivers, glaciers, geysers, lava fields and hot springs. But it was the people that we met that was truly the revelation and the wonder. Everyone was so kind to us. And if this was typical Icelandic generously then it is indeed a country blessed.

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