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Friday, July 17, 2009

Blood Boil #1..

Two things get my goat. Being ripped off and being ripped off.

I have two telly boxes from Virgin Media. I get the first one, a V+ box (PVR, HD etc.), for free as part of the XL deal and am being charged £15 a month for the other non-V+ one. Only when I checked their web site it turns out I'm being overcharged for that 2nd box. Grrr!

My solution? I've got them to upgrade my 2nd box to be a V+ box too. So I'll have two. The total rental cost will only be just £5 a month. Saving me £10 a month (for much better kit)! Ha!

Virgin media box ripoff. Thanks for over-charging me!


  1. Anonymous9:15 am

    Do you get all your services from Virgin Media

    i.e. Broadband/Phone/TV?

    I do and wondered what you are paying - if I may be so bold to ask?

    I am about to upgrade to 50mb broadband with VM next weekend

    :: XL TV .. two boxes (one V+ and one regular) - XL TV on both of course

    :: XL phone - unlimited calls
    few extras - cfw/caller display etc

    :: XXL Broadband: 50mb broadband

    pay £75 per month

    Jeff ;-)

  2. No, I just get my TV from Virgin Media. XL package (£27.50) plus all the movies and all the sports (£26) + the V+ box rental (soon to be £5).

    I get my landline from BT. I get my broadband from Demon and Easynet (for redundancy). Oh and O2 too. :)

  3. Anonymous5:26 pm

    Your an idiot... you can clearly see the "additional set top box discount" on the same section of your bill... £15-£10=£5. Additional boxes have always been this cost with Virgin Media, even today they will show on your bill that way. Your not being overcharged and you never have been. Try reading your bill before you spout nonsense.

    You also realise that have phone and BB with Virgin would probably save you even more with customer loyalty package, you currently pay full price for your TV service when combined with all 3 services could save you a fortune.

  4. Actually the "additional set top box discount" line on my bill according to VM (and why should I doubt them?) was to reduce the rental cost of my 1st V+ box to £0. I get the 1st V+ box free as part of my deal and apparently the only way they can do this is is create this entry. My 2nd box was being charged at a whopping £15 - in error it turns out.

    I called VM - they acknowledged their error, paid me a large back payment and upgraded my 2nd box to a V+ one for free as an apology and only charge me £5 rental for it. Result!


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