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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Iceland Bound...

We are off to Reykjavik later today for five very long days and four very short nights. Not that we were planning on getting much shut-eye anyway. What with our packed itinerary and the world famous Reykjavik runtur. Can't wait!

Here are the daylight hours for the next few days:
Date 09th July 2009 Sunrise 03:24 Sunset 23:40 Day Length 20h 15m 32s
Date 10th July 2009 Sunrise 03:27 Sunset 23:37 Day Length 20h 10m 23s
Date 11th July 2009 Sunrise 03:30 Sunset 23:35 Day Length 20h 05m 06s
Date 12th July 2009 Sunrise 03:33 Sunset 23:32 Day Length 19h 59m 41s

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