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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bristol, Bath and Mary Wilson...

Darren, Rachel, Stu and I had a fabulous weekend away last weekend. We went to Bristol and Bath. In Bristol we met up with Hudd and Chris for lunch at Browns. Sadly the queue for the Banksy was just way too long (three hours). Then we took the train over to Bath in the afternoon to see Mary Wilson of The Supremes introduce a showing of Dreamgirls at the Little Theatre. In the evening we went out for posh nosh at the Gold Brickhouse and then sampled what Bristolian night life had to offer; Bristol Bear Bar and ladies in rubber seemed to be the order of the day night.

On the Sunday we partook of the waters at the rather fabulous Thermae Bath Spa and then went to see Paul Gambaccini in conversation with Mary Wilson at the Bath Assembly Rooms.

All in all, a great weekend away. More snaps here.

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