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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Credit Card Crazy...

I've gone a bit credit card crazy recently: applying for three of them that is. Why? Well, they all offer such great deals that's why and they're free. (It should also perhaps be noted I collect BA miles.)

With my new British Airways American Express Credit Card each £1 I spend gets me 1 BA mile (3 BA miles if I buy BA flights and products with it).

With my new Tesco Clubcard Credit Card each £4 I spend gets me 1 Clubcard point (5 Clubcard points if I buy Tesco products). And Tesco Clubcard points can be converted into... (you've guessed it) BA miles.

And with my new Arsenal Rewards Credit Card I get... er... well... not much really apart from a few reward points to buy tat (a-hem) but I do get that nice feeling of having a a bit of Arsenal plastic in my back pocket.

I'm not actually planning on running up any debt as such just seeing if I can get some 'points'. And this from the man who has 11,495 Boots points and 34,137 Nectar points unspent.

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