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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Brain Teaser Answers...

Well we only had one entry this time round so maybe it was a bit too tough. I'll make it easier next time. Here are the answers anyway.

1. 72 people: we have enough room for 60 of these, expanding the 60 capcity by 40% will give us enough room for 84 - which we know is 12 more than the current count.

2. 4 people.
159 is the product of the number of people invited and the number of pages in each document. The only two numbers which, when multiplied together, give 159 are 3 and 53, which are known as its prime factors. So the number of people given documents was either 159, 53 or 3. It is extremely unlikely that Stephen would have had time to distribute 53 documents to 53 people (let alone 159) in the few minutes available, so he must have distributed three copies of the document, and each copy had 53 pages in it. His manager kept the original, making four documents for the four at the meeting.

3. The letter U


  1. Anonymous7:47 am

    It could have been two people at the meeting. The document was 159 pages long. Hi by the way!

  2. Indeedy. It could have been two. Well done you!

    And hi to you too. Shouldn't you be chasing around in Bosnia?


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