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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Brain Teasers...

A slightly tougher set of questions this time round as it's Easter.

1. Our company has recently expanded and we can no longer accommodate all the staff in the conference room for a training course. Luckily 12 people do not need to attend the training course on this occasion so we are OK this time round. However if we increase the conference room by 40%, this will allow for everyone, plus enough room for the extra 12 people for future events. How many people work at our company?

2. Stephen has to take photocopies of the marketing strategy and personally deliver one copy to everyone who is coming to the management meeting at noon, and return the original to his manager. And he only has half an hour to do it. Stephen churned out 159 sheets of paper from the photocopier. How many people went to the meeting?

3. What occurs once in June, once in July, but twice in August?


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