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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Booze worse than Speed or Acid shocker...

So recent research from the Lancet magazine suggests a better way to categorise drugs is based on the harm they do to the user and to society more widely. The final list put heroin at the top, alcohol was in fourth place, ketamine in fifth, and tobacco in sixth. Cocaine was at number two followed by barbiturates. Cannabis kept its mid-rank position at number 11. Bringing up the rear were khat or qat in 20th place and amyl nitrates (poppers) in 19th. Ecstasy was the third least dangerous drug, according to researchers. So there you go. Think I'll stick to a good strong cuppa.


  1. Anonymous7:39 am

    Surely they are talking about drug *abuse* not drug use.

    Having a sip of wine with dinner can't be worse than dropping pills all weekend, can it?

  2. Anonymous3:29 pm

    Where are GBH and Crystal Meth on the list.....

  3. Oh, they're as safe as lemon barley water :)


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