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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Paddy's Quiz Night...

The lovely Richard and I finally met for a drink last night. We'd been emailing each other for some time and last night was the night to take the plunge. We found ourselves in The Green and it being a Tuesday it was Paddy's Quiz Night. Later on Kevin turned up too. Always nice to see him of course.

We couldn't help but join in the quiz. Below are the questions as far as I can remember them and aided a little by my scrawl down the answer paper margin. See how well you do (without referring to Google!). We got 25. The winners got 29.

01. What is the UK's largest prison?
02. Whose country has the lotus flower as it's symbol?
03. Which US mountain has all those US presidents carved into the face?
04. What's the name of the tapestry that depicts the Battle Of Hastings?
05. What's the largest island in Europe?
06. What is the neighbouring town to The Simpsons' Springfield?
07. What the famous Greek sapphic island called?
08. After how many years is your wooden anniversary?
09. After how many years is your tin anniversary?
10. After how many years is your crystal anniversary?
11. Scientists using the Z machine at Sandia National Laboratories have produced superheated gas exceeding temperatures of 2 billion degrees Kelvin. How many times hotter than the sun is this? A - 10x, B - 50x or C - 100x
12. In the news this week a German guy is suing his girlfriend's brother because his dog bit his what?
13. We asked 100 people what you shouldn't eat on a diet. Name two in the top five.
14. We asked 100 people what you put on during the summer months. Name two in the top five.
15. We asked 100 people what you can put your foot in. Name two in the top five.
16. We asked 100 people what you can bet on. Name two in the top five.
17. How plays Professor Minerva McGonagall in the Harry Potter films?
18. The White House is the most visited house in the US. What's the second?
19. What the Japanese word for "numeral(s) limited to a single person"?
20. Chromophobia is a fear of A - shiny objects, B - colours, or C - bright lights?
21. What did Barclays Bank first introduce n 1967?
22. What three things does the cocktail BMW contain?
23. How long in feet is a Blue Whale's penis? (within 20%)
24. There are four words in English that end in -DOUS. Name one other than 'tremendous'.
25. Who's autobiography is entitled "Losing My Virginity"?
26. Which politician was named Tarzan?
27. Who starred in 1943 film Lassie Come Home?
28. Which day of the week is an Adamms family child?
29. Who's last diary entry on May 31 1669 concludes: "And thus ends all that I doubt I shall ever be able to do with mine own eyes in keeping of my journal."
30. Which two actors starred in the Sweeney?
31. What year did Uri Gegaren first go into space? A - 1961, B - 1962, or C - 1963?
32. What was the name of Princess Diana's car driver when it crashed in 1997?
33. Who was Madonna's first husband?
34. What is the smallest digit on the human body?
35. What is the bone in the upper arm called?
36. How long was the world's longest fart flame? A - 3ft, B - 8ft, or C - 12ft?

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