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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Notes From Oz #4...

Sat 25th
Up at the crack / prepping for the house-warming / Sue, Paul, Patrick / cocktails @ noon / doormat / Robbie, R&B, Priscilla / Colourbox - Inside Informer, Just Give 'em Whiskey / Keith, Luke, Craig, Dave, Robert, Adrian, Rich, Steve, Tim, Kate.... etc.! / Toohey's 25cl bottles are the best / late night / volume is an issue / diazepan / couch

Sun 26th
Up at 4am / on motorbike with Craig / sack of potatoes / biker chick / Parramatta Park / Blue Mountains / Springwood / Faulconbridge / Hazelbrook / Lawson / chain / Wentworth Falls / 600m down a 1-in-1 climb / semi-naked swimming under waterfall / seminal moment / 600m up a 1-in-1 climb / Leura / chocolate fountain / woman from Prisoner Cell Block H gave us her desert / Katoomba / checked in to fantastic 1882 The Carrington Hotel / Goverp Leap / 40 mins 800m down a 1-in-1 climb / scary, slippery, dark rain forest / fairy grotto at bottom / Bridal Veil falls / life-changing experience / 800m up a 1-in-1 climb / 3 Sisters / shower / played pool in heavy metal bar / 6 scooners later / "have you got any Kylie?" / swift exit! / pizza

Mon 27th
Breakfast in grand dining room / Noel Coward / 3 Sisters walk down this time / mist / bought lamp / Norman Lindsay museum / erection over scones & cheesecake / fruity 'channel two' gal / fantastic ride down to Richmond / Windsor / wheelie over Sydney Harbour bridge / back to Lennox Street / walking like John Wayne / sore inner thighs / beers helped / Adrian at Bondi Junction / bus ride to cemetery

Blimey! I've only been here a week but it seems a lifetime.


  1. Anonymous12:31 am

    Don't just stay in Sydney. Hire a car and take the coastal road to Melbourne. It's a fantastic trip with some great scenery. Schedule at least 3 lazy days to do it. Spend the first night in the Southern Highlands...it's very glam! And Melbourne is so different, and somewhat more soothing. Or drive north to Byron Bay. The gay beach is divine.

  2. Anonymous12:31 am

    Sounds like it's working!

  3. Yes, did a trip down to Melbourne last year. Might pop over to Hobart or Byron though. Hunter Valley's a deffo. Freewheeling at the moment. Which is scary but nice.


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