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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Notes From Oz #5...

Tue 28
Sydney Aquarium / seal club sandwich / saw guy showing off to his girlfriend by throwing coins at a sleeping crocodile in an enclosure. wanker / complained to attendant and got him thrown out / seal sanctuary / shark tube / found Nemo (& Dory) / sneaked out in case coin guy was hanging around / walked to Circular Quay / ferry to Parramatta to see les girls / ferry cancelled so went to Rydalmere / Katherine met me / both really well / new jobs / Emma's pregnant! / due Nov 9th / they were going to ask me but too far away! now if I moved to Oz... Bless! / beers / Lebanese in town / The Castle (hilarious)

Wed 29
Parramatta lake with Katherine / JB Hi-Fi / Westfield / fuck-up with trains (my fault) / Auburn / rain / Ashfield / Newtown / called Russ / Gavin / 'smart' lamb / Topping & Butch

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