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Monday, March 20, 2006

Notes From Oz #1...

Sun 19th
"There appears to be a problem with you booking, sir" / Forgot to get Oz visa! Oops! / 25 quid (kerching!) / 90 min queue for customs @ Heathrow / full body scan (a la that Schwarzenegger/Mars film) / flight changed gate twice / plane empty / impossibly perky air stewardess (asked her for baseball bat but don't think she realised I wanted to hit her with it) / very smooth flight though so soon warmed to Miss Perky / my new best friend gave me two meals & 3 bottles of wine. Bless / films Aeon Flux (looks good but crap) & Goblet of Fire (again) / lay across 3 seats & slept like baby

Mon 20th
Arrived for refueling in Singapore early / said goodbye to Miss Perky / I stayed on plane (don't think me & my illegal chewing gum were welcome in S/Pore airport!) / just me onboard with air steward so he brought me coffee & a kit-kat. Bless / bumpy flight / screaming kid / Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Tue 21st
Landed on time / raining / Dave & Craig waiting at arrivals. Bless! / warm but raining / very chilled out / quaffing coffee to stay awake

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